Acoustic SoundProofing Survey


We offer both Acoustic Surveys and SoundProofing Surveys, we charge a set fee to visit you.

Our clients book us to do the following: –

  • Initial soundproofing survey of a proposed location to give our recommended soundproofing specification.
  • Onsite soundproofing surveys to help improve sound isolation between rooms or adjoining premises.
  • Acoustic surveys of a current rooms to provide onsite help to resolve acoustic issues.
  • Acoustic surveys of the frequency response of a room to provide on the spot recommended treatment.

On the day of the acoustic soundproofing survey we will carry out several tests of the area, we will also provide on the spot advice. The survey usually lasts between 2 hour and 4 hours depending on the type of building and the type of information our client requires.

Please note, we unable to carry out noise impact surveys.