The size and shape of your studio or control room affect the sound in your control room, this is caused by the acoustics in your control room.

Your next step is to address the acoustic requirements within your studio.

Acoustics can best be described as the way in which sound behaves within a room or space.

Have you ever noticed that in a sports hall or a swimming baths, the sound always seems to be very loud and it is quite hard to distinguish between different sounds. This is because there are lots of reflective surfaces that cause the sound to bounce around uncontrollably.

What about when you’re in a large cinema were you could almost hear a pin drop when all is quiet. This is because most of the reflective surfaces have been covered with absorbent material that helps to control / dampen the sound in the cinema.

Your studio doesn’t want to be to lively but on the other hand, you don’t want to record in a room were where it feels like you’re wearing a pillow on your head.

You need to address the following areas, in order to create a recording environment.

  1. Acoustic treatment
  2. Reverberation time
  3. Sound Nodes


There are many ways in which to carry out acoustic treatments.  One thing that you want to avoid is being very slap dash and covering the whole studio with acoustic foam.  You would end up being in a worse than before you started.

If you have a sizeable room in which you are going to use as your control room, more that 5 meters by 5 meters, then the best thing you could do is split the room into a two and have a live and a dead area.

In the dead area, you will need to eliminate about 70% of all reflective surfaces. In the live area, you will need to eliminate only 30% of all reflective surfaces.

The way you eliminate the reflective areas, is by using different thicknesses and densities of Rockwool and acoustic foam.

This is because sound frequencies have different lengths and require different densities of material to reduce their effect. You don’t want to put in a load of the same substance as all you will do is reduce the frequencies that are effected by that substance and not the rest, you will end up with a really uneven sounding room, which will mean that the music you produce will sound very uneven.