Small PA Systems

The following PA system is ideal for speech and small music groups with audiences of up to 100 people: –

2x Speakers

  • JBL EON 15G2 Powered (list price) £465inc vat each
  • They are Active, which means the amplifier is built into each speaker

2x Speaker stands

  • K&M Speaker stand (list price) £49inc vat each
  • They are black

1x 12 channel Mixing Desk

  • Mackie 1202 VLZ3 (list price) £218inc vat each
  • 4 mic inputs
  • 8 line inputs
  • Basic EQ

1x CD recorder

  • Sony RCDW100B CD Player / Recorder (list price) £245inc vat

3x Vocal Mics

  • Shure PG58 (list price) £35inc vat each
  • Internally they are the same as the SM58, just not as robust.

2x Vocal mic stands

  • K&M Mic Stand + Telescopic Boom (list price) £42.18inc vat each

2x DI boxes

  • Behringer Ultra-DI 100 (list price) £33inc vat
  • Active, solid and very reliable

4x 10 meter 4way extension
4x 5 meter 4way extension
5x 10 meter XLR to XLR cable
5x 5 meter XLR to XLR cable
4x 3 meter Jack to Jack
4x 1 meter Jack to Phono

Total system price with discount should be below £2,000inc vat

This system is tried and tested, however if this system doesn’t quite meet your needs we will happily fine tune it to so that it fits your need.