Fluid Audio Design are one of the UK’s leading recording studio design and installation companies specialising in soundproofing, acoustic design, studio construction and complex audio wiring designs. Fluid Audio Designs have over 25 years experience designing and installing recording studios and venues. We specialise in: –

  • Warehouse recording studio design and installation
  • Project recording studio design and installation
  • Multi-recording studio complex design and installation
  • Recording Studio installation management
  • Church warehouse design and installation
  • Venue design and installation
  • Audio design and installation


If you want to undertake the recording studio installation yourselves, we will provide you with exactly what you need to build your recording studio. Above is a studio scheme for a recording studio complex comprising of a control room, live room, and six practice rooms. Each room had its own acoustic response report, soundproofing report and design report which describes how to build each room.

We have just launched a new service at www.recordingstudiodesign.co.uk for customers who wish to simply buy an off the shelve, set size recording studio acoustic design or soundproofing design. The recording studio acoustic design comes with the exact dimensions to build a control or live room without the worry of having any issues with the acoustic response. The recording studio soundproofing design comes with the design specifications necessary to build a single or double skinned soundproofing control room or live room. Click below to find out more.


Regardless of your location, we have the expertise and experience to design the soundproofing and acoustic response of your venue or recording studio. We can also design your bespoke acoustic treatment, studio furniture and audio/ video/networking infrastructure. We offer a complete solution that takes care of everything. We will also give advice on the design and the look and feel of the studio with mood boards and translate those into working 3D designs which include studio furniture. Please Click here to find out how we can help you.