Recording Studio Consultants

No mater where your recording studio is to be located and whether its a professional operation or in your loft or basement at home we have the expertise to design the soundproofing and necessary acoustic treatment.

Our Recording Studio Consultant will look closely at all areas of the recording studio design; we are able to design audible light and dead spaces in your control room. We can also provide designs which enable you to change the acoustics in your live room.

Our Recording Studio Consultant are able to accurately predict the sound of your studio before it is built, which enables us to eliminate costly fixes once the project studio is built and you are able to view the studio in scale 3D to ensure all your equipment fits and looks great.

Our Recording Studio Consultants service include:-

  • Professional Studio Design
  • Project Studio Design
  • Soundproofing Design
  • Acoustic Design
  • Audio Wiring Design
  • Network Wiring Design
  • Studio Ventilation and Air Conditioning Design
  • Studio Electrics Design
  • Acoustic paneling design to match the colour scheme
  • Bespoke custom furniture design for your equipment

For an estimate on costs and please use the contact us page.