Studio Schemes


We offer basic single soundproof acoustically designed studio schemes as well as bespoke studio schemes all depending on your budget. Each studio scheme comes with layout drawings in PDF and DWG format, several elevation drawings and a design report. The design report shows the studios acoustic response, expected performance and how to build the studio from scratch. We also offer email or phone support as an add-on part of the package.

All our standard studio schemes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, we also offer a custom design service. Below is an example of the type of documentation you can expect to find. All our content is subject to copyright as such, the images below are low resolution.

control room design control room design 1 control room design 2construction sample

acoustic response sampleFor bespoke studio schemes, we will design the studio to fit the spaces you have available. This type of design is slightly more involved and thus the costs increase, however you do get a studio scheme that fits your exact needs. Below are some example drawings for a bespoke recording studio complex studio scheme.

Studio elevation 3 Studio complex design 2 Studio elevation 2 Studio elevation 4 Studio elevation 1 Studio complex design 1 Studio ventilation design


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