Large Recording Studio Complex

Design of a large recording studio complex with two pro audio recording studios, one large live room, one pro video editing suite, four soundproofed training rooms and one multi-function performance venue.

  • Design of all audio / visual and IT systems.
  • Design room sizes, soundproofing and acoustic treatments required in all specialised rooms.
  • Overseeing M&E designs.
  • Audio wiring design and equipment installation.
  • Design and installation and configure of all Avid ProTools systems.

10no. portable racks

Desk built into workstation 

All data
on your hands

Don't miss any data anymore and get all reports you need when and where you want. Analyze them easily with our friendly interface and grow your activity.

Wordclock and AEU-EBU patchbay

Bantam patchbay breakout ties to allow for future upgrade

All racks can be moved between studios

Removable acoustic panels

Yamaha O2Rs

Genelec 1038a and original Yamaha NS10

All racks with quick connect Harting sockets

Analogue mixing console

Analogue outboard racks

Analogue EQ racks

Audio tie-lines in all rehearsal and performance areas

Broadcast video patch

Custom lighting rig and video projection

Temperature controlled dedicated rack room for all audio, video and networking and valve gear 

1000 bantam ternation points

3 miles of audio cabling

One of two identical acoustically treated soundproof control rooms