Recording Studio Location

The best recording studios are always located on the ground floor or concrete mezzanine floors. However, this does not mean it’s impossible to build a studio on a timber floor. It is possible, it’s just not as simple.

When you position your recording studio within you property, you need to not only consider sound entering your studio but also leaving your studio. So you need to be as far aware from road and train noise as possible while also far away from adjoining properties as well. It’s a fine balance, but it is possible.

Don’t just think about sound travel horizontally also consider vertical sound travel, like through timber roofs and through underground service pipes like waste pipes. This would be a good time to gain access to council street plans of any services. The last thing you want is for your next-door neighbour to be able to hear your studio while on the toilet.

When choosing your recording studio, the main element that will restrict the size of your recording studio design will be the height of the space you are planning on building your studio. If like us you use calculations to ascertain the correct ratio to use for your studio, this will always be restricted to the amount of height you have left once you remove soundproofing from the floor and ceiling.