Recording Studio Construction

Complete Recording Studio Construction Solutions

We offer a complete Recording Studio Construction Solutions, suitable for small, medium and large scale clients.

The process usually involves the following:

  • Initial communication with the client, with recommendations to assist with the location of a suitable venue to house the recording studio.
  • We then carry out a sound survey at the proposed recording studio location and provide a report highlighting any issues and options on the design process.
  • We then provide a full breakdown of the costs involved in the design and construction of the recording studio.
  • We assist with any planning applications and provide calculations and drawings if required.
  • If requested, we provide mood boards and 3D walkthroughs of the studio and any other facilities within the studio to help our clients visualise their new studio.
  • Once all designs and finishes have been agreed, we the finalise costs and produce a full schedule of works.
  • Work then begins construction, which can take between 4 and 12 weeks depending on the number of studios we are constructing.