Recording Studio Design

Check List

If you are thinking of building your own recording studio, here are some useful things to think about before you start.

This list is by no means comprehensive but it will give you an idea of what's involved and help you make more informed decisions.

Location and the Council

Recording Studio Location

Where you choose to locate your studio can have a massive impact on the overall cost of construction.

Recording Studio Sound Surveys

Understand what soundproofing you need before you build, that way you won't run into issues with noise complaints.

Planning Permission - Change of Use

You will be surprised to know most recording studios do not need planning permission or a change of use application.

Local Council - Building Control

This is a cost most have to pay, but there are certain things you can do to stop these fees escalating.

Feel and Sound of your studio

Calculating Soundproofing

Understanding that soundproofing can be calculated and doesn't have to be guess work will bring you peace of mind.

Required Acoustic Treatment

Every producer has different ears and like their space to sound unique, understanding that it's not a one size fits all will make your recording studio a joy to work in rather than a frustration.

Recording Studio Layout

Having spent 23 years in the music industry I understand everyone likes to work differently, however there are some things that just make sense when laying out your studio.

Recording Studio Infrastructure

Your studio is finished and is shinny and new, 6 months down the line you buy some new kit and then find you have to run cables over work tops and floors as you didn't plan ahead.

Recording Studio Decor and Finishes

It doesn't matter what your budget, there are ways of making your studio look nice as well as sound nice.