Office Recording Studio

Commissioned to design a recording studio within an office block.

  • Design the overall layout of both the control room and studio taking into account the limited headroom required for the office recording studio
  • Design the soundproofing within the clients limited budget.
  • Project manage the construction work
  • Provide full technical drawing for the contractors to follow, highlighting certain construction practices the contractors must adhere to
  • Design the sound baffles and supply and extract system
  • Design a quadratic diffuser to fit the rear of the control room

Using test equipment, recommend acoustic treatment that would need to be carried out on finished structure in both the control room and live room


The people at Fluid Audio Designs are instantly likable and easy to get on with. Their technical experience and knowledge is truly unbelievable, and they have ears like bats. The acoustical design and soundproofing they did for our studio (Peak Studios, Bradford) repercussions through everything we produce and has given us the ability to create many exceptional sounding recordings and has also kept us at peace with our neighbours. They are at the top of my list of people to call when I’m scratching my head over a problem.

Roni Szpakowski – Peak Studios, UK

3D concept

0% tolerance on construction

Minimal disruption during the build