Venue Design

Our venue design division serves customers throughout the United Kingdom.

  • No matter where your venue is located we have the right soundproofing and acoustic techniques to provide a venue design that not only take cost into account they also take the actual performance of your complete venue design in account
  • From the initial venue concept design through to the detailed specification of your venue. We take care of everything
  • Acoustics can be resolved once the venue is built, however, to get the best performance we prefer to calculate the acoustics before the venue is built, as this will make it a lot cheaper to rectify any acoustic issues. We will provide detailed acoustic reports that will show how the room will sound before it is built.
  • We provide 3D walk through’s to simulate the look and feel of your venue before it is built
  • When we provide the venue design, we can also specify and supply all the audio / visual / lighting and network wiring and equipment
  • We can provide M&E drawings for your contractors or to help with the creation of tender documents. This is very important, as venues are not built like houses or offices, they have very different needs. Although architects and M&E consultants know this, they don’t use the venues themselves. We have worked in the entertainment industry and understand the needs of our clients so are able to provide the correct information architects and M&E consultants actually need when preparing tender documents.
  • During the construction stage of the venue, we offer a very hands-on service where we can assist your site project managers to snag your venue during the installation of all the M&E equipment has been fitted to ensure it is not only fit for purpose but fit for use in a venue.