Recording Audio

Recording audio used to be very complecated and expensive. But now days equipement prices have become so cheap anyone can achieve the same results that a professional studio can, just by recording in their spare room.

In stead of using 24 channel 2inch tape, where before you could use a new reel of tape, you would have to record on the tape several times before it sounded warm enough. You also had to have the recording heads re-aligned every 6 months also all depending on the amount of use.

You would spend hundreds of thousands of mixing desks and wiring and speakers. Not to mention the acoustic treatment and sound proofing.

Were now anyone could have a 24 channel music studio in there spare room for under £2000. It shook the music industry so badly that now only a hand full of the decent ones are left.

Now obviously using all this cheap digital audio equipment isn’t going to produce the same sound as some of the top of the range digital equipment out on the market today. But for most people who want to record there band or worship band, the cost of doing this yourself has suddenly become so much more appealling.

There are loads of things you can do to help your recording sound as good as possible, and we going to discuss these further in this section.